Annie & Tyler

We took a really cool couple to a really cool place and took some really cool photos. But seriously, I know everyone is probably getting sick of hearing us say it but how on earth do we manage to only book the coolest people? Perhaps we’ve been exposed to a tainted view of the wedding industry, but we were genuinely concerned when we made the leap into event photography that we would have nothing but headaches, difficult people, and bridezillas. On a regular basis we have people ask us how we deal with the stress of it. Every time someone asks us how we handle it, I’m speechless. I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about a single client we’ve had. It’s insane. People like Annie & Tyler constantly make us feel like we’re not working at all. It sort of feels like we’re cheating at life some days 😉 Anywho… Enough babbling and on to the good stuff, check out Annie and Tyler’s engagement photos!



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